2.0 Nostalgia 05.17.01




opening reception: 05.17.01
8pm - 1am

weekend hours: 05.19.01 - 05.20.01
9am - 5pm

NOSTALGIA featured unedited submissions of installation, sound, performance, music, fashion, film/video and 2-D art created specifically for this randomly chosen theme. The work of more than 100 artists, fashion professionals, painters, writers, musicians and performers, (ranging in age and experience) worked as a cohesive whole, juxtaposing, and constructing a pluralist portrait of NOSTALGIA. With so much recent rehashing and intermixing of style from prior generations, NOSTALGIA was both a timely and profound look into our blended cultural landscape. Artworks and works in progress are on display in our online gallery [click here].

Live music by:
Gogol Bordello
Simone White
DJ Hiro of Con-Fu-Sion
and more!

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