Booth-Clibborn Editions Spring 2003 Catalogue
Overkill is a compendium of works by 40 young artists, designers, film-makers, writers, and musicians from around the world. Each year since 2000 Le Phalanstère (a group of artists based in New York, Berlin, and Tokyo) has asked its friends and colleagues to create an original piece based on a randomly chosen theme. This year's theme is 'Overkill'. The end result is a cornucopia of ideas, aesthetics, perspectives and misunderstandings. In the face of inertia, pretence, and market demands these artists have created Overkill, a diary, a snapshot, a collection of sincere creative acts, which mean only what they mean and nothing else. John Cage said it best when he stated simply "I have nothing to say and I'm saying it." Enjoy...!
Style & the Family Tunes Magazine(Berlin)
Spark7 Magazine (Austria)
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