“God endows us with the papillonnage: the craving for periodic variety in the phase of life and for frequent variety in our occupations.” - Charles Fourier

Le Phalanstère project.

Le Phalanstère project is a multi-national, multi-tiered, multi-faceted endeavor, which includes book publishing, multi-media content creation, film production, and any other idea we can come up with. Le Phalanstère is the newest off shoot of the Urbanetc collective. Urbanetc is an association of creatives from throughout the world working as a fresh incubator for new ideas and projects in Berlin, New York and beyond.

Le Phalanstère project aims to:

  • Search for a legitimate escape from the sheer banality and artifice of the world in which we live?
  • Aspire to make capitalism, (the system we seem to be stuck with) work to our benefit.
  • Like the butterfly, enforce our right to variety and meandering.
  • Experience, reflect upon and create the world, which we inhabit?
  • Like the Utopians before us, through our experiments give an ideal example to the world of how things could be done.
  • Manifest with urgency, knowing that, alas Rome was not built in a day.
  • Do what we want, when we want, because we can!
Viva Le Phalanstère!

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