Le Phalanstère limited edition books:


Overkill is the premier title in the new series of limited edition theme books published by Le Phalanstère publishing. Le Phalanstère publishing aims to be at the vanguard of limited edition creative publishing.

Each theme for the books like the Urbanetc exhibitions of the past, is randomly chosen. The Overkill books will be launched at Urbanetc organized exhibitions scheduled for Berlin, New York, and Tokyo in the fall 2002. 1000 copies will be printed and distributed at select stores throughout Europe, New York and Tokyo, (See bookseller link for store details, as well as online sales). For all press info or sales please contact. (sales@urbanetc.com)

Key characteristics of Le Phalanstère limited edition books:

  • Each issue is based around a central theme.
  • The theme is taken from the show, which is chosen randomly.
  • No commentary. This is not a “who's who, what's cool, what's not cool” publication.
  • Le Phalanstère does not dictate style or taste. Le Phalanstère is not fashionable or trendy.
  • Timeless artifact: This project aims to reflect the time in which it is made in a timeless manner.
  • One should be able to pick it up in ten years and still feel that the content has a sense of urgency.

The publication is made up of a variety of elements:

The fiction has been developed entirely by young writers from around the world responding to the given theme in their mother tongue. We really need to get over that silly Babel thing.

The photos range in content from unconventional non-desire creating fashion shoots that exist outside the current fashion paradigm, to travel, digital, video, and fine art, photos.

The Fashion in “Overkill” deals mostly with art through clothing, through dress, and style. A multi-cultural slant is encouraged.

The art component is the largest and broadest. The “fine art” for Overkill consists of painting, installation, sculpture, multi-media, design and illustration.

The architecture employs a wide range of possibilities including the design of structures relating to the theme, as well as images of existing structures.

The travel component is an assortment of images, travel journal entries as well as anecdotes collected in or made in response to the chosen theme.

This aspect of the book is multi-dimensional. In addition to original written compositions from young composers and musicians, in future issues there will be CDs accompanying each book.

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