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What is Why... You? Me! ?

Why... You? Me! is a large-scale, five-hour multi media installation, documenting the production and execution of a prototypical "down-town " party. The producers of this event coordinate closely with fashion and non-fashion photographers to manufacture a large photo shoot referencing past documentary, portrait and fashion photography. The final result should be a distilled portrait of a common fashion/music/ downtown event. The producers intend to create a simulacrum of the current trends and fashion in order to document and eventually critique the objective results.

Participation in this event is multi-tiered:

  1. Pre-arranged photo shoots are executed throughout the night, utilizing both professional models as well as models taken from the crowd.
  2. Event participants document the execution of these shoots with disposable
  3. Pre-arranged paparazzi photographers photograph the entire event.

All participants will give used film to organizers to be developed after the completion of event. Final prints will then be on display at later exhibition entitled Why... You? Me!.

What are we?

Parties and events are expressions of the culture they are situated in. Why... You? Me! is a dissection of the immediate values of the current " down town" culture. Through the installation, interaction, and documentation of the event, a portrait of the culture we inhabit will appear. Why... You? Me! Bases its motivated by the writing of famed anthropologist Emile Durkheim who believed that if you wanted to understand a society you merely needed to document and dissect their gatherings and rituals. Why... You? Me! surmises that our modern parties and opening can be examined similarly. It is during cultural events a community solidifies, and sets their cultural tone and dogma. Thus when we gather and revel in modern NYC we are reifying our community and projecting our values.

Why... You? Me! aims to create an environment that frames and highlights the cultural signs and symbols that make up our value system. Why... You? Me! 's premise is that perhaps, unlike its early predecessors, these gatherings support and project a culture of emptiness, a post modern melange of symbols and signs signifying nothing, a ritual which alas has no purpose. But is it really that simple. Why... You? Me! leaves the final images open to interpretation. In the end Why... You? Me! Hopes that the participants will take from this experience a greater understanding of the culture they inhabit.